Instead of a traditional, typical, and tired wedding video, you’ll have an intimate piece of art that will showcase your love without hauling equipment around every nook and cranny of your wedding day.


From the moment you book me to be your wedding videographer, I’ll work hand-in-hand with your photographer or wedding planner so that your wedding video is a cherished experience and not a stressful scenario.

You’ll be delivered a 10 minute wedding video incorporating the small details of your day. They aren’t overly-planned, mapped-to-the-minute documentaries: they’re authentic videos that will remind you of how you felt on the most important day of your life.

Wedding videography packages starting at $2400.

The video came out like something youd see at a fancy film festival or some sort of crazy expensive music video. I cannot believe I am in that video. I’m impressed and flattered and shocked. I thought things like that only came out of days that are stiff and timed and specific. The day was so fun and relaxed.
— Leah