If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture images of you and your loved ones, you’re looking for someone who’s going to capture you as you are. No stiff poses, no awkward is-this-over-yet grins—just you and the one you love, in all of your beauty and mess.


There's a lot of times when being a wallflower isn't very beneficial (helllllo, awkward teenage dances!). But when it comes to capturing weddings, I know that my ability to blend into the crowd sets me apart. Candid photography is my jam, and I really go nutso over capturing the little details of the day and all of those zany behind-the-scenes moments you didn't even know were taking place.

Of course, I also spend a lot of time studying posing and portraiture, so when the time comes for those editorial photos-- I got you, girl. I'll show you all of the moves I know to get you those flattering photos. And if you promise to trust my vision and lay on fallen trees or  traipse into the woods, then I promise I'll also make sure we get a few good traditional shots in for grandma's mantle.

Wedding photography packages start at $2400.

Aubrey’s style is completely unique and refreshingly different from today’s mundane photography trends. As someone who almost never likes photos of myself, I was hoping to really like at least one of the finished photos, but I was floored to see how incredibly flattering they turned out! I love them all!!!
— Brie
Aubrey’s unique style & creativity stands out among the many typical wedding photographers in this area. She’s super easy to work with, before & during your session. I’m constantly amazed by her work, & I can’t wait to schedule another session to see what new ideas she has! 
— Sharon