What to wear to your engagement session

I doubt that any of my friends would exactly call me a trend setter, and you won’t see me rocking the red carpet any time soon — so if you’re a trendy cat who knows how to dress, by all means skip my advice. It won’t hurt my feelings. BUT if you’re reading this it’s probably because you are feeling a little lost and panicky about your upcoming session and need some help, and fortunately I’m pretty good at spotting an outfit that will photograph well (even if I don’t know how to dress myself…)

So read on for advice, or scroll through the pics for a bit of random visual inspo. *Please note, these are not my photos.


Earthy tones

literally look good on any day, in any environment.

I am certainly not ego-centric enough to think that you’re going to pick out your wardrobe specifically to match my website, because that’d be craycray. HOWEVER — if you are totally digging my vibe, I’ll save you some time and show you the colors that literally inspired my site, and that I’ve built my own closet around.



will never not be sophisticated & stunning.

I think that a simple piece with some cute embellishments, like buttons or a not-too-busy pattern, is a surefire way to get a photo that looks modern and on trend, but will be timeless well. The days of families showing up to sessions in all-matching-white-button-up-shirts is thankfully long gone (SO DON’T DO THAT), but here’s an example of how you can piece together something that’s grounded in white without looking like you’ve stepped out of a Sears Portrait Studio or something.


A fun pop of color

paired with a more grounding color, is always fun and fresh.

Don’t be afraid of color! Black and white outfits have their place, but an engagement session should be fun and reflect YOU. So if you are a fan of color, don’t shy away from it. But in order to coordinate most with my vibe and editing, stick to earthy versions of any primary colors. I know 90s retro is totally in, but if you show up in neon, so help me God….


If you’re more of a two-piece kind of girl

You don’t HAVE to show up to your session in a dress, but… I think you should. Flowy fabric makes for the BEST photos, so if you opt out of wearing a dress just keep in mind that we are always looking for texture and movement.

This is important: If you’re awkward in front of the camera, make sure you dress in something flowy. If you show up in jeans and a t-shirt because that’s most comfy, of course I won’t judge you! but we won’t have anything to focus the photos on other than your face, and I guarantee you that you’ll be like “What am I supposed to do with my hands 😭”

I mean, all ya gotta do is look at the inspo pictures to see what I mean. There’s movement in almost all of them and it makes the photos look way fancier than if they were just standing there.

Orange & Blue

Feminine inspo.


Orange & Navy Inspo

masculine inspo.


Mustard & Plum

feminine inspo.


Mustard & Plum

masculine inspo.