Artwork as unique as you are

In my collections, I include a little something extra. Who doesn’t like surprises?!

(Okay, a lot of people don’t like surprises.

But these are good surprises.

They might even make you cry those good tears.)

Get how charming this sounds: unique, handcrafted gifts created by American Companies. Yep, it’s true. Those are the sweet gifts you’ll get from me.   

When someone comes over to your house and sees your super unique canvas hanging on your wall or browses through your coffee table book from your wedding day and exclaims how different and beautiful these items are you will be thankful that you received these one-of-a-kind treasures as opposed to printing a basic book at Shutterfly that probably cropped your images all wrong.


Not only are my gifts one of a kind but they also reflect who you are as a couple and will decorate your house as if they always belonged there.


Imagine opening a fabric box tied up with a satin bow and seeing your photos printed inside of a beautiful book with thick paper so you can turn through the pages and feel the importance of your special day.

Envision the nostalgic smell of reclaimed wood that minimally frames your canvas, hung by earthly elements like copper. What if your photos were printed on fabric that you can touch and feel? It brings your photos and day to life (and maybe even those tears).  

Once the hullabaloo from the wedding subsides and the excitement of your new photos ebb, you’ll be so grateful to have these handcrafted photos in your home. Plus, you’re going to look fly as hell in your photos so I say go all out. No shame in that game!