Limited edition items for summer brides

Ahh you guys, I kind of have a problem. I want to try out all of the products and provide y'all with some really cool client gifts that don't look like all of the other wedding products that all of your friends have.

Not that there's anything wrong with what your friends have! But I know that you chose me because you were looking for something a little different. So my goal is to purchase items in small-batches and offer them only in limited quantities.

Now please realize that these products are given out based on the time that you get married, not on when you book! I'll be constantly rotating out products but know that when your special day rolls around, I'll have something equally special picked out for you as well :)

Here's what we have coming up for our summer brides:


At this time we are still including these beautiful hand-bound photo albums for ALL brides who purchase a photography or all-inclusive package! The base includes 10 5x7 photos, but upgrades can be made to include 20 or 30 photos.


Do you love these wooden boxes as much as I do?

They're lightweight design makes them flexible, and I love the clean lines on them. There's even a small clasp that keeps it locked shut when it's closed!

They're designed to fit 5x7 prints and have a space for our bamboo drives, so we're including these for our brides who have picked all-inclusive bundles!


I adore these little linen bags due to their simplicity. The rich color and texture of the fabric is what me choose them!

We had them custom made to fit our bamboo thumb-drives, and they're attached with ribbons so that after it's folded closed you can tie it up into a cute little package.

All of our video packages will include these complimentary.


We also had linen bags made to fit our 5x7 prints. We'll use these to deliver any additional prints that are purchased, beyond what fits into our album.


Of course I want your own special client gift to be a surprise! (Isn't that the whole point of giving gifts?) but here is a little glimpse into some of the goodies that are our current brides have gotten!

My favorite thing about these gift boxes is that they are all made in Virginia!