Let's talk about food, baby!

Ok so this situation can be a little awkward on the wedding day if not addressed right now and it involves food – ya girl has gotta eat!

Like all the time. My daily goal: to stave off hanger.

But in all reality, on your wedding day when your guests are about to eat, myself and/or the Wild Heart Films team need to get in line right after the bridal party so we can eat before everyone else. I swear we aren’t starving and mean people trying to cut the line.

I mean, yes, we are probably hungry after working but we have to get in line ASAP because it’s literally the perfect time to not take photos while everyone is stuffing their faces with delicious food.


I know your guests are going to look especially beautiful on your wedding day but they still want to eat in peace without a camera capturing them at their hungriest.

If you need a headcount before the wedding to see how many of us in a team are working together and will need a plate of food, whether it’s just me or two other people, then I’m happy to send over that info and the vendors might want this info as well!

This dinner break means the WHF team will be eating at the same time as you and your boo so we can all take a break from cameras and relax for a bit while everyone else piles up their plate. This little rest break is so essential for my team and I. We are excited to shoot but gear is heavy and a quiet down time will give us the energy we need to continue capturing the most important moments of your wedding, like drunk people dancing and you two making out on the dance floor. Or not. Either way, just a heads up that my team and I will be eating pronto and now you know why!


Hey, your vendors might like this:

I started my photography career as a food photographer and I LOVE shooting food so I’m always happy to coordinate with the vendors ahead of time to capture their masterpiece. If they can set out a styled dish before the buffet line turns into the a wild safari watering hole then I’ll be able to photograph that dish so they can have those photos! Same goes for cocktail hour – if there are any treats or food that the vendors might want photographed from cocktail hour then they can set them aside and we will take care of it.


I have this template here that I’d love you to send to your caterer so they are aware of the setup!

Hi there!

The Wild Heart Films team wants to offer you food photography from my wedding if you’re willing to set out a styled dish before the guests are fed. That way the photographer, who is also a food photographer, can have time to photograph it while everyone is eating. Same goes for any cocktail food served during cocktail hour – set aside anything you want photographed! Have a staff member know to prepare these if you want the photos.

Thank you!