How to Get Married in a National Park



Hey there you adventurous lovebirds. You are engaged and looking for a wedding in the great outdoors. You want to be surrounded by trees, nature, and earth. You are one with nature and nature is one with you. Can we say, “ommmmmmmmm.” Just kidding. But seriously.

Your love is natural, raw, and great. Forests and mountains and the seclusion of nature reflect that love. Furthermore, your love and the simplicity but grandeur of nature is more important to you than a venue with a DJ and string lights. As a couple, you have a streak for that wild unknown and you two thrive off the adventure you seek for your wedding day. It’s not just about the location but it’s also about the experience! Nature is profound and so are you, am I right?

Well I’m here to tell you that some of the best locations for these weddings are national parks!


But where do you begin?

First, find a photographer who specializes in outdoor adventurous weddings and/or elopements.

You want a non-traditional wedding photographer to capture your non-traditional wedding. You are unconventional and want your style as a couple to be captured accordingly. This photographer might also be able to direct you in finding the right place to get married as he or she has experience in this department.

I know you aren’t made of money but make sure you budget correctly for a photographer who may have to travel to you as well as any fees that might be included to shoot in a national park.


You may need to pay for a pass or permit to enter the park and use its facilities.

I mean, some couples rock climb for photos and it’s legit but you’ll need to make sure you have the paperwork for it.


The application process might be different per park so after choosing a few parks contact the permit specialist so you can go over all the rules and plan out your wedding day accordingly.

Some parks might allow for chairs and tents or a minimal set up while other parks only allow the small wedding party! Make sure you pick the park that best represents you and your desires!