First Landing State Park - windy day engagement session

This engagement shoot almost because the "little shoot that couldn't", because mother nature was definitely fighting against us. The first time that Angela was going to fly into Virginia from Texas, we had a snowstorm. The second time we had gale force winds. But these two were troopers and we decided to give it a try anyway, and I'm kind of obsessed with how amazing this shoot turned out!


Angela was sweet enough to share some of their story. Feel free to peruse the photos and read all about this adorable couple!


"People always ask how we make long distance work. For a long time Xavier and I would laugh and answer that question with, “Because we can only handle each other for small increments of time”. 

Although that definitely may be true, as we have never spent longer than 3 consistent weeks together to know if it’s not, jokes aside, we both know exactly how we make it work—through communication, trust, flexibility, understanding, and a whole lot of love.



Being long distance you are forced to communicate. Because of that, Xavier and I got really good at having meaningful conversations over the phone. Meaningful being the key word. Phone calls and Facetimes became our lifeline. We set aside time every single day to make time for each other— to connect, to share the mountains and valleys of our days, to bicker, to tell stories, and to talk through our thoughts and feelings. Some days that time is 5 minutes, and other days it’s hours.

Regardless, it taught us the importance of making time and being present for the person you love every single day.


Relationships are not easy. They require effort and sacrifices from both parties in order for them to work. Xavier and I make it work because each day we choose each other.


Sometimes that means choosing each other over studying, work, our favorite TV shows, or sleep, and every time it is worth it, because we hang up the phone and feel connected. Now don’t get me wrong, we cannot wait until that conversation is followed with some cuddles on the couch, but until then we will make the best of the situation by choosing and making time for each other. When we do finally see each other in person, it is as if we've never skipped a beat! We pick up right where we left off from the last phone call. He never goes a day without making me feel special, or loved, or heard, and I try to do the same for him.  That is how we made 6 years of long distance work and still make it work it work to this day. 

Our life and our love is all about those small moments.