Top locations for engagement session photos

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

The pros:

  • Gorgeous scenery spread out around the area, giving you a variety of looks

  • A greenhouse

The cons:

  • Sessions cost like $150 or something to use the space. BUT when you are a member you can get one session fee waived a year, and the family memberships around only around $100.


Studio HR (Virginia Beach)

The pros:

  • Indoor AND outdoor location!

  • When we reserve the studio, we know that we will be the only people on the property

The cons:

  • The outdoor space is limited (but we can totally make it work!)

  • You can expect an additional fee of around $100 to reserve the studio.


Norfolk Beach (Norfolk Oceanfront)

The pros:

  • A versatile location, with sand and water, but also tall grass and trees!

  • Rocks on the beach

The cons:

  • One time I saw a homeless guy peeing in the parking lot :/


Ft Monroe (Hampton VA)


  • Versatility! They have old buildings, gardens, trees, a beach, open fields, and even abandoned buildings (that we can’t go in, of course!)


  • Depending on the season and time that we go, there may be other people around. But this hasn’t been an issue yet!


Virginia Beach


  • The beach!

  • Tall grass


  • During tourist season, the beaches will be busy and parking will be difficult

  • Without trees to block the light, I really only recommend doing sunrise or shoots here

Williamsburg Beach


  • Tall grass, water, trees!


  • I’m not super familiar with Williamsburg, so we may be stumbling around for a while!


Redwing Park


  • Rows of cherry blossoms

  • Wooded area

  • Japanese garden


  • During the limited time that the trees are in bloom, it is very packed with photographers!