Why I offer complimentary sessions:

There’s a reason you get a complimentary shoot from me before your wedding day.

First, you’re a babe and I want to photograph your face.


But also, shooting together before your big day is like getting that first awkward date out of the way. We have had our pre-consult, so basically you swiped right on me, but now let’s get to know each other even more.

I want you comfortable on your wedding day! If we shoot before your day then we can really gel and things will flow so breezily because of it! I want you to feel like the goddess you are when I’m photographing you so let’s have that first date of shooting together.


Many brides tell me, “I’m super awkward and I look bad in photos so just beware” and as I accept this challenge I want you to know that, no you are not awkward, and yes I will make you look like America’s Next Top Model Bride.


Also, because you booked me for a complimentary shoot, you’ll have your own samples of my work and if there any changes or thoughts you have from the shoot or photos then we can discuss that before I shoot for your wedding.


A boudoir shoot is a sexy, thoughtful gift for your future partner on your wedding day. I know you can rock it and once you see how not awkward but babe-a-licous you are you’ll never want to take your lingerie off.

If you and your partner decide to book me for an engagement shoot instead then we can fill that shoot with snuggles, laughs, and awesome photos you can frame at your wedding and send out for save the dates! It will help rid of those pre-wedding jitters so you two can look and act like the babes you are on your wedding day.


Photos from a styled session we did featuring the beautiful florals from The Hanging Gardens and the already-married couple is Kayla & Austin Corso.