5 tips for getting the perfect christmas card photos


Every year the holidays creep around and you might suddenly realize you need Christmas card photographs but then you feel overwhelmed by approaching this along with finding gifts for loved ones, end of year deadlines, taxes coming up, and everything else that might make you want to scream, grab a fuzzy blanket, and not do anything at all.

This time of year can be crazy. That’s why I’m creating this ‘how to’ so you can cruise through the holidays looking fly like you are and not have to worry about these photos but to embrace them instead. Treat yourself. You deserve these photos. I got you.



1. Coordinate your outfits

But, please, for the love of fashion and your dignity, do not matchy match. You are a couple. Not twins. If you have twins then they can match, because cute, but only twins.

2. Colors are important.

If you want a Christmas card photo in a natural winter background, such as pine trees, then think about what will look good in nature. Neon colors and graphic tees are a hard pass. Think maroon, navy, light blue, and hues of hazelnut. Steer clear of bright, loud colors. You want to blend with your surroundings….not look like a stop sign!

3. It’ll be cold outside so dress warm.

If you’re shivering the entire time you will look like a stiff icicle. Boots are always a yes but no sneakers. We aren’t doing a track workout. Cute jackets, vests, and hats are always adorable, but make sure you aren’t overdoing it. We all know what happened to Randy in The Christmas Story when he wore too many layers.


4. Make sure you schedule your shoot ahead of time.

Don’t contact a photographer mid-December and expect them to shoot for you the next day. This time of year is busy for everyone. Think about time of day for your availability, too. If it’s outdoors you might want to avoid harsh light but remember the sun goes down early. Plan this out with your photographer in advance so you can schedule correctly!

5. Last but not least, find a photographer who treasures candid moments and can capture you and your boo thing naturally.

Posey posey isn’t that cute. Your natural laughter, love, and relationship should shine through.

Now go out and get those Christmas card pictures you want to get every year!

Check out the gallery below to see our Christmas Tree shoot with Garlyn & Liam. To see more from Garlyn, follow her on Instagram here.