Hi, I'm Aubrey. I'm a videographer + photographer, traveling VA (and surrounding states) capturing love stories. I don't discrimate-- I work with brides of all ages, sizes, races, and sexual orientations.

My wedding films aren’t overly-planned, mapped-to-the-minute documentaries: they’re authentic films that will remind you of how you felt on the most important day of your life. These photos aren’t the run-of-the-mill images you’ve seen a thousand times before. They’re for anyone who wants to feel a little more powerful and a little less poised. 

You don’t have to look—or pose—like a super model to be a beautiful representation of all that it means to be a female. In the words of Marilyn Monroe:  “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”


My people are down-to-earth and wild-at-heart. Getting married in nature, barefoot and beautiful? Heading off to an exotic locale for a destination wedding? Tying the knot on a bridge over a creek? Those are the moments I capture best.

Considering eloping? There’s nothing more romantic than running away with the love of your life, and I’d be honored if you’d allow me to experience such an intimate moment. I believe that the best love stories are those that are small, cozy, and away from the pomp and circumstance. 


Unpolished love stories.


From the moment you book Wild Heart Films, I’ll work hand-in-hand with your photographer or wedding planner so that your wedding film is a cherished experience and not a stressful scenario.

You’ll be delivered a 10 minute montage incorporating the small details of your day. They aren’t overly-planned, mapped-to-the-minute documentaries: they’re authentic films that will remind you of how you felt on the most important day of your life.

Instead of a traditional, typical, and tired wedding movie, you’ll have an intimate piece of art that will showcase your love without hauling equipment around every nook and cranny of your wedding day.


The video came out like something youd see at a fancy film festival or some sort of crazy expensive music video. I cannot believe I am in that video. I’m impressed and flattered and shocked. I thought things like that only came out of days that are stiff and timed and specific. The day was so fun and relaxed.
— Leah

A photo that’s timeless, but captures the essence of this very moment in time.


If you’re looking for a photographer to capture images of you and your loved ones, you’re looking for someone who’s going to capture you as you are. No stiff poses, no awkward is-this-over-yet grins—just you guys, in all of your beauty and mess.

There's a lot of times when being a wallflower isn't very beneficial (helllllo, awkward teenage dances!). But when it comes to capturing weddings, I know that my ability to blend into the crowd sets me apart. Candid photography is my jam, and I really go apeshit over capturing the little details of the day and all of those zany behind-the-scenes moments you didn't even know were taking place.

Of course, I also spend a lot of time studying posing and portraiture, so when the time comes for those editorial photos-- I got you, girl. I'll show you all of the moves I know to get you those flattering photos. And if you promise to trust my vision and lay on fallen trees or  traipse into the woods, then I promise I'll also make sure we get a few good traditional shots in for grandma's mantle.

Aubrey’s style is completely unique and refreshingly different from today’s mundane photography trends. As someone who almost never likes photos of myself, I was hoping to really like at least one of the finished photos, but I was floored to see how incredibly flattering they turned out! I love them all!!!
— Brie
Aubrey’s unique style & creativity stands out among the many typical wedding photographers in this area. She’s super easy to work with, before & during your session. I’m constantly amazed by her work, & I can’t wait to schedule another session to see what new ideas she has! 
— Sharon
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I know a thing or two about beautiful messes.

I've 3 crazy, perfectly imperfect children, and I'm 15 years into a relationship with my high-school sweetheart (for those of you doing the math, that's very close to half of my life!) We live this crazy hippie lifestyle of backyard chickens, free-range children, drinking from mason jars, growing our own food and brewing our own beer. We also spend too much time watching Netflix, ordering pizza and drinking wine that buy in bulk in boxes. 

Not to brag, but....I get around.

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